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ThumbsPlus Version 8 SP1 FAQ

Build 3535 known problem information and workarounds


Installation error reported for MDAC/Jet on Vista, Windows 7: Please redownload the installer (updated on 27 April 2011). This problem is fixed.

However, if there actually is a problem with Jet on your system, you may get errors trying to open or create an Access (.tpdb8) database. Creating a Sqlite3 (.tpdb8s) may work about the problem.

Additionally, you may be able to run ThumbsPlus as Administrator; if it's a simple registry key problem, ThumbsPlus should offer to fix it.


Installation: Windows Installer error 2343: In all cases I've examined in depth, this problem is caused by a missing or blank folder location for the current user; the Windows registry key to edit is:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders

In the ones I've looked at the AppData value is blank, but it is possible that other blank entries could cause the problem. Usually, it should be set to c:\users\<name>\AppData, though this may be different in some situations.

If you're reluctant to edit the registry, you can try installing as a different user (create one if neccessary), for whom the registry entry may not be bad. Be sure to install for All Users.


Crash during startup, often preceded by an error 5011, "Error allocating Windows bitmap. There may not be enough available GDI resource space, or memory may be low." I am working on this issue right now, as several people have reported it. Deleting the Thumbs8.ini file should fix the problem. You can get to the folder containing this file quickly from the Start menu, as All Programs - ThumbsPlus - Utilities - View Preferences Folder.

A few users have reported that they had to delete the Thumbs8.config8 file in addtition to the Thumbs8.ini, so please try this as well.

4. Windows 2000. Between beta 4 and sp1 release, I somehow changed a build setting or made a system call that prevents ThumbsPlus from running on Windows 2000. I haven't seen any reports yet, but if you really need Windows 2000 support, please let us know at I will work on this for a patch build if there is a lot of need for it.

8 SP1 is not always properly recognizing files with invalid or no extension. In my fixes to better support the Windows Icon file type, I broadened the files which are recognized as .ICO. This is often preventing the opening of files with no or non-standard extensions. This will be fixed in a future patch or update.

In the meantime, be sure to save files with proper extensions. This will also make them more compatible with other programs, which usually won't load them with improper extensions anyway.

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