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What is the Web Page Wizard?

The Web Page Wizard, available on the Image menu, provides a way for T+ to generate web pages of thumbnails along with links to the full size images for publishing on the internet. The wizard will guide you through the steps required to make an on-line catalog of images, and several templates are available for different web page appearances. The catalog can be a single page or may span several pages. If you select more graphics than will fit in the table, T+ will automatically generate multiple pages; each generated page will have link to the next and previous pages. Click for screen shot

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What does select scheme mean?

You can now set and save schemes that you use frequently within the Web Page Wizard. Once you save a scheme, you will only need to select it from the drop down list and click , Finish to create a thumbnail web page with the same settings and options.

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Where can I find examples of the available web page styles?

We have a page with samples of all of the styles available in the Web Page Wizard.

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Can I create my own template to use in the wizard?

If you wish to create your own templates, you can do so using any text or HTML editor. ThumbsPlus replaces tokens in the template with the information you provide using the wizard, and with a table of thumbnails. You should give your templates different names, as updates to ThumbsPlus may overwrite the templates provided. Your template file MUST have the extension ".tpt". After creating your templates, be sure to place them in the Thumbs directory so that they will be available from the web page wizard. Please write to support if you need further help with this.

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I created my own template, but it isn't available in the style list.

Make sure you are saving your templates with the .tpt extension and placing them in the Thumbs folder.

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What does the option thumbnail table only do?

ThumbsPlus will not use a template and will build HTML files that contain only the tables. Such files are intended for inclusion in other pages, and are not designed to be published as they don't include HTML header information or tags.

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What is include low-res?

When you select JPEG thumbnails, ThumbsPlus can also generate low-resolution black and white GIF images. Some browsers will load these first, giving the overall appearance of the page, then load the full-resolution JPEG images.

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I am trying to use Custom URL/Folders but am having trouble.

For advanced users, this option provides the opportunity to place the HTML pages, original images, and thumbnail images in different folders (and URLs). Click for screen shot

Select Locations (when "Custom URLs/Folders is selected)

  • Base Folder for HTML pages -- enter or browse for the folder in which you want ThumbsPlus to place the generated HTML pages.
  • Folder for Images -- enter or browse for the folder in which you want ThumbsPlus to place the images. (The images are only copied here if you selected "Copy files to destination folder."
  • URL -- Enter the URL (relative or absolute) that corresponds to the Images folder. Assuming that your HTML pages are in c:\myweb\catalog and your images are in c:\myweb\catalog\images, the proper URL would generally be images/.
  • Folder for Thumbnails -- enter or browse for the folder in which you want ThumbsPlus to place the thumbnails.
  • URL -- As for the Images URL above, enter the URL (relative or absolute) that corresponds to the Thumbnails folder.

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Why does the wizard use double extensions on the thumbnail files, i.e. tn_filename_jpg.jpg?

ThumbsPlus creates these redundant extensions because of previous reports when users had both gif and jpg images in the same directory with the same name.

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