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ThumbsPlus February Sucks Sale! is over

The February Sucks! sale is over. Thank you for helping February suck a lot less!

This is our first-ever half-price sale for all new personal licenses and upgrades. This offer was good through 28 February (and a bit of 1 March while we updated all the web pages and).

  ThumbsPlus Standard 59.95 29.97
  ThumbsPlus Professional 99.95 49.97
  ThumbsPlus Home Network 159.95 79.97
  ThumbsPlus Standard upgrade 30.00 15.00
  ThumbsPlus Professional upgrade 40.00 20.00
  ThumbsPlus Home Network upgrade 50.00 25.00

infoQuick hint: if you preferred the default panel arrangement in ThumbsPlus 7 you can quickly change it using the Window | Layout | Like Version 7 option to arrange the panels as in version 7!

You can also change which panels are shown using the Window | Show Panels options.

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