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Layout            Text & Options


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This menu selection prints all selected graphics files.


Scheme. Select and existing scheme or enter a new name for the current settings and click the [Save] button.




The currently selected printer will display in this area. Click the [Printer] button to select the desired printer.


Preview printer colors. Check this option to preview printer color representation using color management.


Margins (inches)


Use printer defaults. Check this option to use the default margin settings obtained from the currently selected printer.


Set the Left, Right, Top and Bottom margins on the page (in inches or centimeters).


Print size


Show all sizes. Check this option to display in the Size dropdown list all sizes (inches and centemeters), regardless of your system's regional settings.


Size. Select the sizing mode that ThumbsPlus will use when determining how large to scale the selected image(s) when printing. The available options are:


       Stretch to fit        Stretch the image(s) to fill the printed page (within the margins).

       Printer res (1:1)        Size the image(s) at 1:1 (based on the printer resolution).

       Image res (dpi)        Size the image(s) using resolution defined within the image(s.

       1.5 x 2 in        Size the images(s) to specific sizes (in inches).

       2 x 3 in (wallet)

       3.5 x 5 in

       3.5 x 6 in

       4 x 5 in

       4 x 6 in

       4 x 7 in

       4 x 10 in

       5 x 7 in

       8 x 10 in

       11 x 14 in

       16 x 20 in

       7 x 10 cm        Size the images(s) to specific sizes (in centemeters).

       9 x 13 cm

       10 x 15 cm

       10 x 13 cm

       13 x 18 cm

       18 x 24 cm

       20 x 27 cm

       20 x 30 cm

       35 x 50 cm

       50 x 74 cm

       Custom...        Select a custom size.


Images per page. Select the number of images to print on each page (for use with the specific in inches sizes above).


Fit. Select the fit method that ThumbsPlus will use when filling the selected print area. The available fit methods are:


       Stretch        Stretch the image(s) to fill as much of the print area

                               as possible while maintaining aspect ratios.

       Expand and crop        Expand the images(s) to fill the entire print area while

                               maintaining aspect ratios. Any excess image data is

                               cropped before printing.

       Fill completely        Stretch the image(s) to fill the entire print area without

               regard to aspect ratio.


Auto rotate 90° to fit layout. Check this option to allow ThumbsPlus to rotate the image(s) if necessary to more closely fit the selected print area, before stretching methods are applied.


Autocrop images. Check this option to auto crop images before printing.


Pre-print batch process. Select a predefined batch process to perform on each image before printing.


Image copies. Enter the number of copies to print for each image.


Note: To print a catalog of thumbnails, use the Image | Print Catalog menu option.