Main Window - Tree | Add to Favorites...                    Ctrl+R

Main Window - Tree | Edit Favorites...                    Ctrl+Shift+R

Folder Popup Menu - Add to Favorites...

Folder Popup Menu - Edit Favorites...



Use these menu selections to add and edit your favorite folders. These favorites are available in several places inside the program (File | Move to and Tree | Go to submenus, File | Database | Open Database and View Window - File | Save As dialogs, and the location bar) to allow you to go to those folders or move files quickly.


Path. Enter the folder path name for the desired favorite.


Description. Enter a description for the favorite. This description will show under the favorites submenus and drop-down lists.


Add. Click this button to add a new favorite.


Change. Click this button to modify an existing favorite.


Remove. Click this button to remove a favorite.


Up/Down. Use these buttons to modify the favorites order of appearance on the menus.


Favorites. Displays the list of currently defined favorite folders.