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Use this function to upload selected images (in the thumbnail view or view window) to a Printroom album or shopping cart.


Default album. Select this option to send the selected files to your default Printroom album.


Shopping Cart. Select this option to send the selected files directly to your Printroom shopping cart. Once you images are in the shopping cart, you can order printed copies.


Album. Select this option to pick a specific album at Printroom. If the album does not exist, it will be created for you automatically.


Album name. After picking the Album option, you can use this field to either enter a new album name or pick an existing one from the dropdown list.


After upload, go to Check this option to have ThumbsPlus open your web browser to visit your album page on the Printroom web site.



After selecting the album option and clicking OK, you will be presented with an upload dialog, indicating your upload progress.


The file name being transferred, along with it's local temporary name, kilobytes sent and total file size, are displayed for each file being sent. Also an estimate of time remaining and total percent complete are given. If an error is encountered during transfer, a message will be displayed in the Errors encountered list. You can double click on the error message to see more information about the error and possible solutions.


Cancel. Click this button to stop the upload in progress.


Background. Click this button to minimize ThumbsPlus while the upload continues.


Save Errors. If you encounter any errors, you can click this button to save the error messages to a file for printing or to send to technical support.