Main Window - Help | Program Updates...



Use this dialog box to configure when and how ThumbsPlus will check for program updates online at the Cerious Software web site.



Automatically check for updates


Never. Check this option if you do not want ThumbsPlus to automatically check for program updates.


Update interval list. Select the update interval from the drop down list. The available options are: Every time you start ThumbsPlus, Once per day, Once per week, Once per month.



Connect using


FTP. Download any program updates via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).


HTTP. Download any program updates via HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol).


Bypass Internet proxy settings. Check this option to attempt to connect directly to a specified internet host (bypassing the Windows Internet proxy settings) when performing functions such as downloading updates and uploading photos to Printroom and Picturetrail.



Send anonymous usage information. Check this option to send Cerious Software usage accounting information. The data sent to Cerious Software contains NO personal information whatsoever and is ONLY sent whenever a scheduled program update check occurs. The only information collected and transmitted is usage accounting data for many of the functions in ThumbsPlus. By collecting this information, we at Cerious, hope to better serve the overall needs of our ThumbsPlus users by determining how often the surveyed functions are being used. To help us continue quality improvements to ThumbsPlus, we request that you leave this option enabled.


Check now! Click this button to check online for program updates immediately.


Note: Automatic checking for updates is done only when starting ThumbsPlus. At startup, the last checked date is compared with the current date when deciding to check for updates.