Color Picker


The following tabs are available on the color picker dialog:

Palette Tab. Use this tab to pick a palette based color. If the color selection is based on a 256 color (or less) image, then the list of palette colors will be the colors found in the images palette. Otherwise, the palette color list will be the ThumbsPlus color palette.

To select a palette entry, simply click the entry with the mouse and then click the Pick button.

You may also use the arrow keys to position to the desired palette entry and then press the [Enter] key.

Custom RGB Tab. Use this tab to pick a custom RGB (Red, Green, Blue) valued color.

To select an RGB color value, click anywhere in the Hue x Saturation color square, then click anywhere on the Luminance bar, and then click the Pick button.

You may also use the Red, Green, Blue, Lum, Hue, and Sat edit boxes to manually specify the color components. Also, you can enter an HTML color string in the Web. The format here is #RRGGBB, where RR, GG and BB are hexadecimal values for the Red, Green and Blue color components.

One other way to select a color is to click on the color selector button. After doing this you may click anywhere on the screen to select the color under the mouse cursor.