Confirm File Replacement


When a move or copy operation would overwrite an existing file with the same name, ThumbsPlus will display this dialog box. Information and thumbnails (if available) for both the existing and new file.

Use same options for other conflicts. Check this option to apply the current action to any other conflicts that may occur in subsequent move or copies.

Delete incoming if identical. Check this option to delete the file being moved. This option is disabled for files that are being copied.

Leave Alone. Don't replace the existing file with the incoming file. Abort the operation for this file.

Replace. Replace the existing file with the incoming file.

Replace if Newer. Replace the existing file if the incoming file is newer. Incoming files older than the existing files will be skipped  An informational message will appear for any skipped files in the Progress box.

Rename. Move or copy (depending on operation) the incoming file after allowing the user to specify a new name for the file. The rename dialog is displayed for any conflicts that occur. Note: After specifying a new name for the incoming file the same existence checking is performed again with the new incoming file name.

Auto Rename. Rename the incoming file by appending the next highest number (not found in the existing files folder) to its file name.

Auto Renumber. Rename the incoming file by first searching the incoming file name for a numeric string and incrementing that number by 1. If no numeric string is found then Auto Renumber behaves like Auto Rename.

Compare Files. Open both files (in View Synched mode) for comparison. Once the file to keep is determined, close both view windows and either cancel the replacement or choose one of the above options.