Main Window - Image | TWAIN Multiple Acquire - Setup Button...

Main Window - Image | TWAIN Setup - Setup Button...



Prefix. Enter or select text prefix for the file name.


Next #. Enter the next sequence number to use in the generated file names.


Increment. Enter an amount to be used to increment the sequence number during generation.


Suffix. Enter or select text suffix for the file name.



For Duplicate Names


Overwrite existing file. Select to overwrite existing files during file name generation.


Use next available. Select to skip to the next available sequence number if the file exists.


Find highest used. Select to skip all existing file names and begin with the next available sequence number.



Leading Zeros


Enabled. Select to enable zero padding for the sequence number in the file name.


Digits. Enter the number of digits to pad for leading zeros.





Displays the next two file names that will be generated.