Main Window - Database | Statistics...                    Ctrl+T



This dialog box displays real-time database statistics for the currently opened database.



File Name. This is the actual ThumbsPlus database file name (for local databases - .td4 files). For any database (remote or local) accessed though an ODBC data source (See: File | Database | Connect...) this field will contain an ODBC data source name (DSN).


Description. This is the user entered description of this ThumbsPlus database. For any ODBC data sources this field will contain an ODBC data source name description (entered during the DSN setup).


Thumbnail dimensions. (These options were specified when the database was created using File | Database - New Database OR modified through Options | Preferences - Thumbnails)


Width. The thumbnail width (in pixels) chosen.


Height. The thumbnail height (in pixels) chosen when the database was created.


Thumbnail color format. The color depth for thumbnails stored in the ThumbsPlus database. ThumbsPlus supports the following thumbnail color depths:


Grayscale (32 level)

Black and white thumbnails with 32 different grayscale levels.

236 color palette

236 color thumbnails based on the ThumbsPlus color palette.

Highcolor (15-bit)

32768 color (Blue,Green,Red) thumbnails with 5 bits per color sample. The 16th bit is unused.

Truecolor (24-bit)

16 million color (Blue, Green, Red) thumbnails with 8 bits per color sample.



Record Information. (These fields display all information about disks, folders, images, etc that have been scanned and stored in the database)


Disk volumes defined. The number of actual volumes that ThumbsPlus has scanned and stored in the database.


Folder paths defined. The number of folder paths that have been scanned.


Thumbnail records. The number of thumbnails stored in the database.


Keywords defined. The number of unique keywords that exist in the database.


Keyword references. The total number of keyword references that exist for all thumbnails in the database.


User fields defined. The total number of user fields that have been created in the database.


User field references. The total number of user field references that exist for all thumbnails in the database.


Total file size (bytes). The actual database file size. For any database engine other that MS Access/Jet this field doesn't apply.


Number of users. The number of users connected to the database.


Note: All information listed under this section is updated every 2 seconds while the dialog is being displayed.