Selecting Items for Display




Use this dialog box to select which items will appear in generated output files created by Web Page Wizard, Print Catalog, Contact Sheets and standard image printing. You can also select which items display on the "Ficha Información" in the main ThumbPlus window.


Item set name. Use this dropdown to pick previously configured item sets or to enter a new name for the current item set to be saved by clicking the [Save] button.


Available items. Use the buttons on the left to select with information group and then click on the items within that group. Once you are through, click th [>] button to copy them to the Selected list. To copy all items within a particular information group click the [>>] button.


Image. Click this group button to display the available items pertaining to image files (file name, size, date, dimensions, etc).


EXIF. Click this button to display all available EXIF fields.


IPTC. Click this button to display all IPTC/NAA items available.


Campos. Click this button to display any previously defined user fields.


Other. Click this button to display system items such as current date and time and database name. Note: These items are not available for display on the Info Tab.


Selected. This list displays the currently selected information items that will be displayed on the Info Tab. To remove items from this list, click on the items to select and then click the [<] button. To remove all selected items, click the [<<] button.


Show field names. Check this option (default) to display the item names in the Info Tab. If unchecked on the information item values will display.