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Use this menu selection to create a self executable slide show of images. You will be prompted for several options prior to the creation of the slide show executable. Once you have created the slide show, you will be able to send it others via e-mail. Receipients of a ThumbsPlus executable slide show do not need ThumbsPlus to view the slide show images. However, they will need to be running a Windows operating system. This slide show will not run on other operating systems.



Message. Enter the message to be displayed either at startup or when the slide show user selects File | Display Creator Information from the main slide show menu.


Font. Select the font that will be used to display the message text.

Note: If the font doesn't exist on the computer running the slide show, the default system font will be used at the point size selected.


Text color. Select the text color for the font that will be used to display the message text.





Use solid color. Select the background color used to fill the area of the message text window.


Use image. Select an image file to be used as the background for the message text window. Use the [...] button to browse for a background image file.


Display this message on slide show startup. Check this option to have the message text window display when starting the slide show.