Feature Summary (Image Processing)


Crop images

Auto-crop images (remove same-color borders)

Save image palettes

Undo editing operations

Add comments to images

Set image resolution (dots per inch, dots per centimetre)

Digital image filtering (sharpen, blur, emboss, median, etc.)

User-defined image filters

Image histograms, with equalization and stretching

Adjust images (brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, lightness, gamma, color balance)

Modify color depth (palette optimization, ordered & error-diffusion, dithering, 6- or 8-bit quantization, many palette options)

Rotate images (.01º increments, select background color, bi-cubic interpolation)

Resize images (Many preset options, bi-cubic or bi-linear interpolation, aspect ratio options)

Miscellaneous pixel operations (swap red & blue, invert, mirror horizontally, mirror vertically)

Convert metafiles to bitmaps, with 4 levels of anti-aliasing

Extract bitmaps from metafiles

Remove background from metafiles

Save selected area to file

Dynamically view effects of JPEG lossiness based on quality level

Set GIF transparent color

Auto color balance and several other image processes

Multi-image common optimized palette generation

JPEG cleanup (DCT block edge smoothing)

Automatic color balance

Histogram stretching