Feature Summary (Image Viewing)


Move to next/previous file in folder

Access/split multi-page images (GIF, TIFF, DCX)

Copy, move, rename, delete viewed file

Make thumbnail from portion of image

Full-screen viewing

Zoom In (to 16x)

Customizable toolbar

On-the-fly gamma adjustment

Copy selection to clipboard

Stretch view to fit entire window or width

Select view background color

Select metafile background color

Several selection cursor choices

Automatically show comments when available

Optimized metafile display for 256 colors

Multiple open view windows

Align view windows

Synchronize view windows

Scale to gray for bi-level images

Ordered dither for 15 or 16-bit (highcolor) displays

Stamp images with text or other graphics

Panning (Ctrl+Left Drag or Right-drag)

48-bit image processing (Pro only)