File Types Supported


The list below shows the file types that ThumbsPlus supports.

Note: Items marked with (P) are available in the registered ThumbsPlus Pro version only.


Adobe Illustrator files


Sound files


Windows Streaming Media files


Video for Windows files


Microsoft Fax format files

.BAY (P)

Casio Raw format files


Corel Gallery clipart files


Windows Bitmap files


CALS Raster image files


Casio Camera format files


CorelDRAW, CorelGALLERY files


AutoDesk Animator CEL files


CEX files


Computer Graphics Metafile (binary encoding)


Windows Clipboard/Picture


Lead Tools compressed image

.CRW, .CR2 (P)

Canon Raw Format files (with digicam plugin)


CT-scan files (Raw grayscale)


Windows Cursor files


Dr. Halo files


IBM MMR CCIT G3 2D fax format files

.DCR (P)

Kodak Pro3, Pro4 & ProBack

.DCS (P)

Kodak Professional DCS Camera files


Multi-image PCX files

.DLL, .DL_, .OCX

Windows DLL files

.DNG (P)

Adobe Digital negative (with digicam plugin)


Microsoft Word document files


AutoCAD format files

.DXF (P)

AutoCAD Exchange format files


Encapsulated Postscript files (preview image only)


Windows Executable files


Fax format files


Fractal image files (Iterated Systems, Inc.)


FlashPix image files


NASA FITS format


Autodesk Animator

.G3, .G4

CCITT Group 3 (1-D, 2-D) & Group 4 fax format files


GEM Metafiles


CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format files


HTML files


Icon library files


IOCA Raw Group 3 (1-D, 2-D) & Group 4 fax format files


Windows Icon files


Amiga IFF format


GEM Image format


NASA Compressed PDS format


IPLab files


Ricoh Camera format (JPEG with header)


JPEG compressed files (in JFIF format)

J2K, JP2, .J2C

JPEG 2000 files


Kodak DC40, DC50 and DC120 digital camera native files


Konica camera native files


Kodak Digital Postcard files


Lurawave files


Microsoft Windows Shortcut files


LaserData CCITT G4 fax format files


Macintosh Paint files


Mammography files (raw grayscale)

.MDC (P)

Minolta RD-175 digital camera files


Microsoft Image Composer


Windows MIDI files


Mandelbrot for Windows image files


QuickTime Movies


MPEG compressed audio


MPEG compressed movies


MRI scans

.MRW (P)

Minolta DiMAGE Raw files


Nanoscope files (raw grayscale)

.NEF (P)

Nikon Raw format files

.ORF (P)

Olympus raw format files


Conversion formats from PBMPlus/NETPBM


ZSoft Picture files


Kodak PhotoCD files


Macintosh PICT files (V1, V2, raster, vector)


Adobe Acrobat document files


Panasonic DMC Raw format files


NASA Planetary Data Systems format

.PEF (P)

Pentax raw files


BioRad Confocal / SoftImage PIC files


Adobe Type 1 Font files


Sony digital camera format (JPEG with header)


PiNG format files


Microsoft PowerPoint format files (via OLE)


Adobe Photoshop, PhotoDeluxe files


Paint Shop Pro files


Fuji Raw format files


Sun Raster format

.RAW (P)

Leica Raw format files


Raw grayscale or RGB images


Silicon Graphics RGB files


SciTex CT


Seattle FilmWorks - mangled JPEG files


Mr. SID files


Xionics Raster files

.SRF (P)

Sony Raw format files


Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG) files

.STX, .ST5, .ST6, .ST7, .ST8, .255

Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG) files


Genuine Fractal files (requires Photoshop Plug-in)


Targa Truevision™ files


Tagged Image Format files


TrueType fonts


Text files

.UUE, .001

UUencoded files


Windows Sound files


Wireless Bitmap files


WinFax data files


Windows Metafiles and Placeable Metafiles


Windows Embedded Bitmap Metafile


Window Write files


WordPerfect graphics files

.X3F (P)

Foveon/Sigma Raw format files


XWindows Bitmap files


XWindows Pixelmap files


XWindows dump files