Getting Started


The main window consists of the normal Windows interface (title bar, menus, etc.) and three functional areas, as shown below:

Additional information:

The toolbar provides short cuts to several frequently used commands.

The folder tree displays disks and folders from which you may select a folder to display. Unless disabled from the Tree menu, folders are color-coded to indicate the presence of previously thumbnailed images.

Selecting a folder works much like Windows Explorer; most operations and menu short-cuts work similarly, and you can drag-and-drop selected files to move or copy them to different folders and drives.

When you select a folder from the folder tree, file names (and thumbnails, if generated), display in the thumbnail view.

You may select one or more files from the thumbnail view, then take action on the selected image(s) from the toolbar or menus.

You may also drag the selected files to a new folder or disk.