Main Window - Edit | Auto Clip Save...                    Ctrl+Shift+C



This selection allows you to automatically save the clipboard contents to a disk file each time they change (and a compatible format – bitmap or metafile – is on the clipboard).


This is very useful for window or screen capture, too – turn it on, and each time you press [Print Screen] (for the entire screen) or Alt+[Print Screen] (for the current window), ThumbsPlus will save the screen or window as a graphic file.


Enable. When checked, automatic clipboard saving is enabled. The Auto Clip Save menu selection is also checked when enabled.


Convert metafiles. When checked, metafiles on the clipboard will be rasterized and saved; otherwise, they will be saved as Windows metafiles (.WMF).


Image File save format. Select the desired file type to save.


Output Folder. Select the folder where you want the auto-saved files to be stored. The [...] button allows you to find a folder easily.


Next file name. Displays an example of the next auto-generated file name.


Setup. Use this button to setup automatic file name generation.


Next file name settings. Displays auto-generated file name settings.