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Use this selection to search for thumbnailed pictures based on file name masks, keywords, user fields, advanced SQL, and optionally image similarity. This produces a list of thumbnails for files that match the query criteria you enter. You may also restrict the search to the current folder or the current tree if desired.


Field. Pick an available thumbnail record field name to be used in the query text.


Operator. Pick an operator to be used in the query expression with the currently selected Field.


SQL Statement. Displays selected Field and Operator. Once the operator has been selected, complete the expression by placing the cursor after the operator and typing in the desired query value. You may also enter free form text here as a SQL string to be added to the query criteria from other tabs. This text must consist of valid SQL (ANSI SQL-92 Standard) WHERE CLAUSE syntax. The user must have knowledge of the ThumbsPlus relational database model in order to use this option.


And / Or. Select one of the two connectors. These connectors determine how any other criteria (if entered) will be combined.


Clear. Click this button to clear (and reset) the current tab from the search criteria.


Clear All. Click this button to clear the criteria for all tabs.


Count. Click this button to count the number of thumbnails that match the current criteria. The resulting count displays below this button.


Selected Criteria. This display field gives a textual representation of all criteria chosen so far.


See also: for more information on SQL syntax.

      for some examples on how to search using SQL statements in ThumbsPlus.