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Use this selection to search for thumbnailed pictures based on file name masks, keywords, user fields, advanced SQL, and optionally image similarity. This produces a list of thumbnails for files that match the query  criteria you enter. You may also restrict the search to the current folder or the current tree if desired.


Find images similar to. Check this option to enable the Image Similarity tab.


Color Metric. Select this option to search by color similarity only.


Shape Metric. Select this option to search by shape similarity only.


Both. Select this option to use a combination of both color and shape metrics in the search.


% Color Contribution. Enter the percentage of color contribution for the similarity search. The difference between this value and 100 will be the shape contribution percentage.


Slider Control. Adjust this slider to tell ThumbsPlus how similar you want the images to be. The far left position indicates the closest 400. The far right position indicates duplicate images.


Clear. Click this button to clear (and reset) the current tab from the search criteria.


Clear All. Click this button to clear the criteria for all tabs.


Count. Click this button to count the number of thumbnails that match the current criteria. The resulting count displays below this button.


Selected Criteria. This display field gives a textual representation of all criteria chosen so far.


Note: This tab will NOT be displayed if you have not selected a thumbnail in the thumbnail view prior to running the query. Also, to find all similar images (not just those matching a single thumbnail), you can use the menu selection Edit | Find Similar Images.