Main Window - Database | Export...



Use this function to export a database (or a portion of a database) to a comma-delimited text file. This is useful for transferring data into other database programs, and for combining or splitting existing databases.



Output file. Enter the output file name, or click on the [...] button to browse for one.


What to export


Selected files only. This exports database records for only the selected files.


Current tree. This exports database records for all thumbnails in the currently-selected folder and any child folders.


Entire database. This exports all records in the database.


Fields to include


Keywords. Keywords for each thumbnail are included in the export file, as a single field with keywords separated by semi-colons.


Annotations. The database annotation for each thumbnail is included.


User Fields. Any user field data and user field definitions (from File | Database | User Fields) are included.


Thumbnails. The thumbnail bitmap itself is included. This is generally useful only for importing back into ThumbsPlus.


Galleries. Any galleries, in which exported thumbnails exist, will be included in the export.


Write field headers. Check this option to make ThumbsPlus write a first record that lists each field name being exported. This is useful when importing the file into another application, such as Microsoft Access.


Append to file. If you select this option and the export file name already exists, ThumbsPlus will add any records to the end of the file (rather than replacing it).


V3.0 compatible format. The exported database file will be compatible with ThumbsPlus version 3.x. All thumbnail similarity metrics will be excluded from the export.


See also: File | Database | Import.