Main Window - Database | Import...



Use this function to import an exported ThumbsPlus database text file.



Input file. Enter the name of the file to import, or click the [...] button to browse your system for an import file.


Duplicate actions


Always replace. Imported thumbnail records replace any existing database thumbnail records.


Replace if newer. Imported thumbnail records only replace database records if the thumbnail date in the import file is newer than the database.


Never replace. If a database record already exists, the import record is ignored.


Combine keywords. When an import record replaces a database record, the keywords from both the database and the import record are assigned.



Make new thumbnail images. ThumbsPlus will generate new thumbnails for all files on volumes that are currently accessible. When this option is cleared, ThumbsPlus will use the thumbnail from the import file (if available), or use a blank (solid black) thumbnail.


Skip orphans (file no longer exists). ThumbsPlus will check (for volumes currently available) whether the file still exists before importing the thumbnail.


See also: File | Database | Export.