Main Window - Database | New Database...                    Ctrl+N



Use this option to create a new thumbnail database. There are several options you can set for the database, including the size of the thumbnails and their color depth.


Thumbnail dimensions. (The following options affect the thumbnail storage size in the ThumbsPlus database.)


Width. Enter the desired width for image thumbnails stored in the ThumbsPlus database.


Height. Enter the desired height for image thumbnails stored in the ThumbsPlus database.


Color Depth. Pick the desired color depth for image thumbnails stored in the ThumbsPlus database. ThumbsPlus supports the following thumbnail color depths:


Grayscale (32 level)

Black and white thumbnails with 32 different grayscale levels.

236 color palette

236 color thumbnails based on the ThumbsPlus color palette.

Highcolor (15-bit)

32768 color (Blue,Green,Red) thumbnails with 5 bits per color sample. The 16th bit is unused.

Truecolor (24-bit)

16 million color (Blue, Green, Red) thumbnails with 8 bits per color sample.



Thumbnail compression.



Check this option to store uncompressed thumbnails in the database (not recommended).

LZH (lossless)

Check this option to compress the thumbnail data, using LZH compression, prior to being stored in the database. This option is faster than JPEG compression with NO loss of image quality.

JPEG (lossy)

Check this option to use JPEG compression when storing thumbnails in the database. A Quality value must be entered in the range of 25-90. This value affects the amount of compression performed. JPEG compression with a low quality value can yield higher compression results than LZH, yet the JPEG compressed thumbnail will exhibit a noticeable reduction of image quality with lower quality (higher compression) values.



Database Description. This is the user entered description of this ThumbsPlus database. For any ODBC data sources this field will contain an ODBC data source name description (entered during the DSN setup).


Use Access 97 compatible database format. Check this option to create a MS Access 97 compatible .TD4 database format. If unchecked the default format is MS Access 2000 compatible.


Note: Larger and/or higher color depth (Eg. Truecolor) thumbnails will require more database storage space.