Main Window - Database | User Fields...                    Ctrl+Shift+U



Use this option to create and modify user defined fields in the database. You may enter the user field label, field type, and field length (for text fields).


Field Label. The name of the user field. This label will display on the User Fields property tab and Assign User Fields dialog box.


Field Type. The type of the user field. This type can be either text, numeric, decimal or date/time.


Field Length. The length of text user fields. The maximum value is 255.


Fields. The list of user fields that will be created after clicking OK. This list displays the field label, type and length.


Add. Adds the user field to the Fields list.


Remove. Removes the selected user field from the Fields list. This button is only available if a user field is selected in the Fields list.


Change. Edits the currently selected field (in the Fields list) for modifications. The Add button becomes a Replace button.


Up/Down Arrows. Moves the selected field up or down in the Fields list.


OK. Makes the selected modifications (if any) to the user fields setup stored in the ThumbsPlus database.


Cancel. Cancels any changes to the user fields setup.