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Batch processing is one of the most useful and powerful capabilities of ThumbsPlus. A "batch" is a group of files, and batch processing performs a set of operations on each file in the batch. Here are some examples of processes that you can do:


       Convert a group of files from TIFF to JPEG (or PNG, or GIF) for the World Wide Web.
       Convert a group of various files, rasterizing to 800x800, sharpening a bit, cropping to 800x600, then resampling to 640x480 and saving as JPEG to a different folders.
       Create a bunch of thumbnail-sized JPG files for the Web (for complete Web page building, you can use the Web Page Wizard as well).
       Convert a bunch of GIF or LZW-compressed TIFF files to PiNG.
       Rasterize several PICT or CGM files, with antialiasing, and storing as LZW-compressed TIFF.
       Convert a bunch of files to a 256-color common optimum palette ("Superpalette") for use in a GIF or other animation.
       Append to, replace, or remove image comments from TIFF, JPEG or GIF files.


You can save defined batch sets and reuse them later on different sets of files. You can even call a batch set from within another batch set! (This can be useful, for example, to write two files – say, a GIF and a JPEG – from each input file.)