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Use this settings tab to select a destination file type and location.


Output format. Select an output file format. If the format you select requires options, these will display automatically.


Options. Use this button to modify any output format options.


Extension. Select the file extension to append to file names (if desired). If not entered, the default file extension for the selected output format will be used.


Name Prefix. Select a prefix for output file names.


Suffix. Select a suffix for output file names.


Overwrite files with the same name. Unless this option is checked, ThumbsPlus will not replace any existing file with the same name as a name generated for an output file.


Copy annotations and keywords from originals. Check this option to copy database annotations and keywords (if present) to the thumbnail record created for the output file.


Output to


Original location. Created files will be placed in the same folders as the original files.


Specific folder. Enter a complete folder path for the output files or browse for the folder using the [...] button.


Child folder. Enter a relative folder path for the output files. This path will be created under the input files folder.


Make equivalent sub-folders. If you select a specific folder, you can also elect to reproduce any folder structure from the original location by checking this option.



Select set name. When creating a new set, you can enter the set name here. To select an existing set, use the drop-down arrow to select an existing set name.


Save. Click to save the batch set for future use.