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Use this tab to determine the layout on the page of the catalog.


Margins (units)


Select the Left, Right, Top and Bottom margins (based on Units).




Select the desired units Pixels, Inches, or Centimeters.


Thumbnail size (units)


Select the Width and Height of thumbnails to print, in pixels, inches, or centimeters (based on Units).


Thumbnail spacing


Columns. Enter the number of columns of thumbnails to print.


Line spacing. Enter the spacing (based on Units) between lines of thumbnails or text.


Items selected for output. This field displays the number of files to be processed, if using selected files or current folder.


Thumbnails per page. This field displays the number of thumbnails to be printed on each page.


Approximate # of pages. This field displays the approximate number of pages to be printed. Printer margins, thumbnail dimensions, font selections and selected items for display can all effect the number of pages generated.