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Link directly to the original images. Select this option to have ThumbsPlus generate links directly to the image file itself. The image will be loaded into the browser without an outer HTML document.


Link to a Javascript pop-up window. Select this option to link to Javascript code that will create a pop-up window containing the image file.


Link to separate html pages built for each image. Select this option to generate HTML documents for each image file. See: Image Page Details for more information.


Convert images. Check this option and select an image file type (.JPG, .GIF, or .PNG) to have ThumbsPlus convert the selected images to the desired web format before processing. If you select .JPG as your image file type, you can sel the desired JPEG Quality as well. See: JPEG Save Options for more information about the quality setting.


Maximum size (Width x Height). Check this option and enter the widht and height values to specify the maximum dimensions for converted images.


Target window name. Enter the HTML target name that identifies which browser window (or frame) in which linked image will be opened. If blank, the image will opened in the same browser window. Please refer to your HTML documentation for reserved HTML target names.