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File types to show in thumbnail view. This list shows all configured file types (by category, or click All to see all types in alphabetical order)  that can be shown in ThumbsPlus. The check box be side the type indicates whether or not the type will be shown in the thumbnail view. You can quickly check all types within a particular category by checking the box beside the category name. If the category's checkbox is checked and has a gray background, only some of its file types have been selected for display.


New. Opens the File Type Configuration dialog box so you can define a new file type for ThumbsPlus to handle.


Edit. Opens the File Type Configuration dialog box to change the configuration of a specific file type.


Remove. Removes the file type configuration from ThumbsPlus.


Select All. Select this option to show all configured file types in ThumbsPlus. Files that are not recognized will not have thumbnails, but you can move, copy, delete and rename these files.


Clear All. Select this option clear all selected file types, so you can start selecting from scratch.


Associate Selected Types with ThumbsPlus. Check this option to associate the selected (types with a "check" beside them) file types with ThumbsPlus. This will cause ThumbsPlus to be the default viewer for the selected file types. File types may be individually associated with ThumbsPlus by using the Associate with ThumbsPlus option on the File Type Configuration dialog box.


Default file type for saving new files. Select the desired file type to be used for saving new files.