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Default Action. Selects the default action (taken for a double-click with the left mouse button). Select one of the following actions:


View Image

Edit Image

Copy to Clipboard


Minimize ThumbsPlus. Selects times when you would like the ThumbsPlus main window to automatically reduce to an icon for less screen clutter. You may elect to minimize ThumbsPlus at any of the following times:


When viewing an image

When editing an image

When copying to clipboard


Save files in. Selects the default output location for any "Save as" operation from a view window. Select one of the following settings:


Currently opened  folder. Use the current path from the main ThumbsPlus window.

Last saved folder location. Remember each time you save a file, and use that location as the default the next.


Allow folder operations (rename, delete, copy, move). Allow file and folder operations from within ThumbsPlus. The allowed operations include: rename, delete, copy and move.


Show ThumbsPlus items in Explorer right-click menus. Enables ThumbsPlus menu items (for making and removing thumbnails, viewing files, etc.) on Windows Explorer's file and folder context menus.


Use Windows recycle bin settings. Causes ThumbsPlus to use the Windows settings for deleting files (or moving them to the recycle bin). If checked (and the recycle bin is enabled in Windows), ThumbsPlus will move files to the Recycle Bin, rather than directly deleting them from the disk.


Automatically crop images when copying to clipboard. Automatically crop (remove all continuous border of the same color) images when copying them to the Windows clipboard. This cropping does NOT alter the original image file, only the resulting clipboard image.


Show exact file sizes. Selecting this option will display the actual file size, rather than a rounded file size based on a scale of KB, MB, and GB. This affects file size display on the thumbnail view, printed catalogs, contact sheets and generated web pages.


Formatted numbers. Check this option to format file sizes with commas. This option is disabled if Show exact file sizes is unchecked.


Enable tracking of file and folder changes when ThumbsPlus isn't running. Enables folder monitoring while ThumbsPlus is not running. If you rename, move or delete folders under Windows Explorer while ThumbsPlus is not running and this option is checked, the ThumbsPlus folder monitor will log the changes and the next time ThumbsPlus is started it will apply the changes to the open database.


Use wizard dialogs for catalogs, contact sheets and batch processing. Causes ThumbsPlus to display "Wizard Style" dialogs for most multi-step functions (Eg.Batch Process, etc.). If unchecked, ThumbsPlus will display multi-tabbed dialog boxes instead.


Show database activity indicators on the status bar. This option causes ThumbsPlus to display 'LED' indicators on the main status line. The first indicator blinks 'YELLOW' to signal a SQL command execution is occurring. The second indicator blinks 'GREEN' when data is being fetched from the database.


Retain original file date/time when quick process turning or editing IPTC. Check this option to have ThumbsPlus keep the file's original date and time when performing a Quick Process Turn or Quick Convert.