Main Window - Options | Preferences - Startup



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This dialog tab allows you to set the ThumbsPlus startup parameters.


Initial Folder


Last Opened Folder. Select this option to show the last opened folder when starting ThumbsPlus.


Specific Folder. Select this option to always show a specific folder when starting ThumbsPlus.



Initial Database


Last opened database. Select this option to open the last opened database when starting ThumbsPlus.


Specific Database. Select this option to always open a specific database when starting ThumbsPlus.



Minimize startup progress display. When ThumbsPlus starts up, it will not show the startup progress window.


Remember window size and position. Select this option to show the main ThumbsPlus window in the same place and size every time.


Remember folder free size and position. Select this option to show the ThumbsPlus folder tree window in the same place and size every time.


Store separate color customization for each database. Check this option to have ThumbsPlus save all customizable colors in the database options (.TDO) file. See: Options | Customize | Colors for information on customizing colors.


Don't connect to TWAIN devices. Normally when ThumbPlus starts up, it connects to any available TWAIN devices. If you have problems with certain devices, or some are very slow to start up, and you don't use ThumbsPlus to do scanning, then select this option.


Always create a THUMBS.LOG file. ThumbsPlus can create a log file which contains information about startup, shutdown, and some error conditions when running. During ThumbsPlus startup, you can hold the L key to start logging, or you can select this option to always create a log file.


Note: If you have set up ThumbsPlus for a specific folder, database, or have selected not to remember the size or tree information, you can store the current values by using Options | Save Startup Options.