Main Window - Options | Viewing - Monitor                    Ctrl+J

View Window - View | Preferences - Monitor                    F9



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This tab allows you to calibrate the gamma correction value for your monitor.


Note: For Windows 98, ME, 2000 & XP, Color Management should be used instead of monitor gamma correction. To learn more about Windows Color Management in ThumbsPlus click here.


Monitor gamma value. A gamma value of zero (0.0) means that ThumbsPlus will not gamma correct any image.


Simply adjust the scroll bar, using either the arrows at the ends or by dragging the central box, until the central gray square is as close as possible to the color of the surrounding pattern. For best results, calibrate in a darkened room.


As some monitors exhibit different characteristics at different display resolutions and color depths, ThumbsPlus will save a different gamma value for each combination.


Some image types have a specific gamma value for which they are corrected (for example, GIF files are corrected for a monitor gamma of 2.0). If you choose to use gamma correction, you need to set each type appropriately, from the Assumed Gamma dialog box. Unless this value is set for a specific file type, it will not be adjusted.