Main Window - Options | Viewing - Other                    Ctrl+J

View Window - View | Preferences - Other                    F9



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This tab allows control over several miscellaneous view window related settings.


Open windows for all selected files (rather than 1st). This selection determines how many windows ThumbsPlus opens when multiple files are selected any you pick File | View. If you select this option, then a view window will appear for each selected file; otherwise, only a single view window is created.


Create task bar entries for view windows. If this option is checked, ThumbsPlus will create task bar icons for any opened view windows.


View images while they are loading. This option causes ThumbsPlus to display the view window while loading each image, so you can see the image as it loads. On some displays, this may make the load take a bit longer.


Check for Digimarc® watermarks when viewing. Scan the image files pixel data for a Digimarc ID (assigned by Digimarc) of the creator or owner of the image.


Show image comments when available. If an image has comments stored with it in the file, selecting this option will cause ThumbsPlus to automatically display them. The Edit | Edit Comments window displays automatically whenever you view an image with comments. ThumbsPlus can read comment fields from GIF, JPEG, TIFF and PNG files.


Use mouse wheel to zoom in/out on image. If checked, any mouse wheel movement in a view window will zoom in or out on the image. Unchecked, the mouse wheel will vertically scroll the image in the view window.


Move to next file after deleting or moving a file. If this option is checked and you delete the currently viewed image via File | Dispose | Delete File ThumbsPlus will advance the view window to the next available file in the thumbnail view.


Synchronize panoramic images horizontally. Check this option to cause ThumbsPlus to display synched view windows in a horizontal layout when viewing two images having a "width>height" aspect ratio. Note: When selecting more than 2 images to display in synched viewing mode this option is ignored.


Go to folder when viewing from Explorer or DDE. Check this option to have ThumbsPlus navigate to the folder that contains the open image if the view window is opened from Windows Explorer or other external sources using DDE.


Retain window size and zoom factor when switching images. Check this option to have ThumbsPlus keep your current window size and zoom percentage factor when switching to a new image in the view window.


Use database thumbnail orientation when displaying images. Check this option to rotate the displayed image according to the orientation specified on its thumbnail record. See: Main Window - Thumbnail | Orient Thumbnail for more information.