Main Window - Thumbnail | Make Selected                    F3

Thumbnail Popup Menu - Thumbnail | Make



This menu selection causes ThumbsPlus to read the graphic files selected in the thumbnail view and reduce them to create thumbnails, and stores the thumbnails in the ThumbsPlus database. These miniature copies of your graphics files make life with Windows easier by helping you find specific images or drawings quickly and easily.


To create or update thumbnails for all files in the current folder, use the menu option Thumbnail | Scan Folder. To do this scan in the current folder and its sub-folders, use the menu option Thumbnail | Scan Tree. To scan a disk drive for all recognized files, use Thumbnail | Scan Disk. Para escanear su equipo completo, use Thumbnail | Scan System. Unlike the other thumbnail scanning selections, Thumbnail | Make selected does not check for updated files and always makes thumbnails, regardless of whether one is already stored in the ThumbsPlus database.


Note: Your original files remain unchanged and only the thumbnail sized copy is stored in the ThumbsPlus database.