Main Window - Thumbnail | Scan Folder                    Shift+Alt+F3



This option creates or updates thumbnails for all recognized files in the current folder. If a thumbnail already exists for a file, its update date and time are checked against what is stored in the Thumbs Plus database. If the file has been modified since the thumbnail was made, it is regenerated from the file.


When running ThumbsPlus in multi-threaded mode, a scan task entry with progress indicator displays in the tasks window. You can click on this scan task entry and then select Image | Tasks | Quit Task. If any errors occurred during the thumbnail scan, its task entry will remain in the task window. You can then double click on the task entry to review the errors that occurred.


If not running in multi-threaded mode, a modal progress box will be displayed during the scan. You can click Cancel in the progress box to quit making thumbnails. This progress box also contains a list box containing any errors that occurred. These errors include the file name being thumbnailed at the time of the error. If any errors occur, the progress box will remain until you click OK.