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You can use ThumbsPlus to embed Digimarc® digital watermarks in images. A watermark modifies the image data to include information about the ownership of the image. Watermarks of this type are usually not visible; however, the image itself is modified. High-intensity watermarks (which are more likely to survive image editing and compression) are sometimes visible, especially in images with solid areas. You have to select the level of protection you desire, which in turn affects the visibility of changes to the image.


Because watermarks modify the image data and cannot be removed without damaging the image, you should always retain an original without the watermark.


In the registered version of ThumbsPlus, you can embed watermarks in batch mode. (Image | Batch Process).



Your Digimarc ID


Digimarc ID. Displays your Digimarc I.D. The first time you embed a watermark, ThumbsPlus will prompt you for this information. You can also change the creator I.D. by clicking the [Change] button. You can obtain a Digimarc ID at their web site,



Watermark type. You can select the type of watermark to embed:


Basic. The watermark includes only your Digimarc ID and selected attributes.
Copyright. The watermark includes up to two copyright years in addition to your Digimarc ID and attributes.
Image ID. The watermark includes an image identifier along with your ID and attributes.
Identificación de transacción. The watermark includes a transaction identifier along with your ID and attributes.





Restricted Use, Adult Content, Do Not Copy. You may select any or all of these options. A user of your image will see these options checked when they read the watermark.



Other Information. Here you enter the Transaction ID, Image ID, or Copyright Years, based on the Watermark Type selected.


Autoincrement. For Image ID and Transaction ID watermark types, you can choose to have ThumbsPlus automatically increment the Image ID or Transaction ID each time you embed a watermark.



Output Type. Select the type of image you're working with. The Target Type and Intensity both affect how Digimarc encodes the watermark in the image.


Default. Default (unspecified) image use.
Screen. For display on the screen.
Web. For use on the World Wide Web.
Comprimido. For images that will be JPEG compressed.
Impresión. For images designed for printing (300 or more dpi).


Intensity. Select the intensity of the watermark. Higher intensities are more likely to be detectable after image modification, but are also more likely to be visible. After embedding the watermark, you can use Edit | Read Watermark to verify the watermark and obtain an approximate indication of its strength.



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