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Main Window - Image | Batch Process - Batch Steps - Add | Metafile | Convert to Bitmap...



This option converts a metafile to a bitmap. You may enter the desired height and width, and whether or not to maintain the original aspect ratio of the metafile.


Width. Enter the desired width of the bitmap. This defaults to the last used value.


Height. Enter the desired height of the bitmap. This defaults to the last used value.


Mantain original aspect ratio. Select this option to force the bitmap to be the same aspect ratio as the original metafile. This defaults to the setting of the Maintain Aspect Ratio option in the View window.


Use current window size. Click this button to obtain a bitmap with the current view window size.


Anti-Aliasing. Selects the amount of anti-aliasing to perform when rasterizing. Anti-aliasing reduces jaggies and makes the resulting image look more accurate. You can select from four levels; the lowest provides no anti-aliasing, and the highest provides the best (but also the slowest).