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Main Window - Image | Batch Process - Batch Steps - Add | File Info | Resolution...



You can use this menu selection to change the resolution of the current image. Some page layout and word processing programs use this information to determine how to scale the image when printing and displaying.



Horizontal. Enter the horizontal resolution value.


Vertical. Enter the vertical resolution value.


Resulting image print size. The computed physical size when output at the specified resolution is also shown. This information is not displayed if added as a batch step in batch processing.


Unit of measure. Select between Dots per inch, Dots per centimetre and Pels per meter.



Only set if not specified in original. (Only in batch processing) Use this option in batch processing to tell ThumbsPlus not to set the image resolution if the image already has a specified resolution in the file.


Note: Changing this resolution does not affect the quality of the image in any way; it only modifies how some programs display or print the image.