Main Window - Options | File Loading - GIF



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This tab sets the options for loading GIF files.


Viewing options. Select how ThumbsPlus displays GIF files.


Final appearance. Only the final appearance of an animated GIF file is displayed; intermediate frames are played in memory, but only the final images shows in the view window.


Images only. All graphic images from the GIF file are loaded as pages. See: Edit | Next Page and Edit | Previous Page.


Play to window. An animated GIF file plays into the view window so you can see the changes as they would appear in Netscape or any other browser. You can set several playing options (below) to control how the animation progresses.



Thumbnail options. Select the disposition of GIF files to use for making thumbnails.


Final appearance. The thumbnail is generated from the appearance of the GIF file after all frames have played.


First image only. Only the first image is used to generate the thumbnail.



Playing options. Select how ThumbsPlus plays GIF files (options for Play to window).


Disable input waits. GIF files can have blocks which specify that the animation should wait for user input. This option disables those waits.


Disable timed delays. GIF files can have specific timed delays between image or text displays; this option will ignore such delays and play frames as fast as possible.


Ignore text blocks. This option causes ThumbsPlus to ignore any displayable text blocks in the GIF file.


Defer erasures. Do not erase background while playing.


Disable looping. This option causes the GIF file to play once through the animation and stop.