Main Window - Options | File Loading - TIFF


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This tab sets the options for loading TIFF files.


Autoscale 16 bps images (stretch histogram). This causes ThumbsPlus to automatically scale 16 bit-per-sample images. This is useful for wide images that do not have min and max TIFF tags to specify the range. Note that images with color profiles will never be autoscaled.


Disable TIFF library memory mapping. This will disable memory mapping for TIFF files. ThumbsPlus does this automatically for Windows ME (because of an ME bug), and for files larger than 100 MB. If you have trouble loading large TIFF files, you may want to try setting this option.


Ignore thumbnail in Nikon TIFF files. With this option on, ThumbsPlus will ignore the second image in TIFF files made by Nikon software.


Load image comments from TIFF Image Description. In TIFF files, the Image Description field is used by both EXIF and TIFF; if you want to ignore the Image Description as an image comment, unselect this option.