Main Window - Image | TWAIN Acquire | (TWAIN data source)...                    Ctrl+W



This selection will acquire one or more images from the selected TWAIN data source. You must have TWAIN software from your scanner, camera, or other TWAIN data source vendor to use this option. You will most likely receive a dialog box that lets you preview, crop and set-up the scanner. ThumbsPlus does not provide support for any devices that are not TWAIN compliant.


If you have multiple TWAIN data sources, they will appear as flyout menu items underneath this menu.


If you wish to acquire multiple images without having to open a window for each one, you can use the Image | TWAIN Multiple Acquire option to do so. Multiple Acquire also allows you to select the file name prefix, sequence number, default format and output path for both single and multiple TWAIN acquisitions.