Main Window - Image | TWAIN Multiple Acquire | (TWAIN data source)...                    Ctrl+Shift+W

Main Window - Image | TWAIN Setup...



With TWAIN Multiple Acquire, ThumbsPlus will automatically save each scanned image, retrieved from the selected TWAIN data source, to a sequentially numbered file. You can select the desired image file save format and the output path for the acquired images. When selecting the output path, you can enter the full path name or click the [...] button to browse for a folder. If you enter a "." (period) in the output path field, ThumbsPlus will use the currently selected folder (from the folder tree) for the output path. You can also set the file name prefix, suffix, next sequence number and other options by clicking on the [Setup] button.


The same file information is used for Image | TWAIN Acquire so that if you mix the two, you'll still end up with sequentially numbered files.


Note: When performing Image | TWAIN Setup from the main ThumbsPlus menu, this dialog is displayed for settings configuration only. Clicking [OK] will save the settings without executing the TWAIN Multiple Acquire function.