Plug-in Support


Traditionally, ThumbsPlus has supported numerous image and multimedia file types internally. This being the case, it takes considerable time and development effort to add additional file type support to the base product. This methodology also requires a full release cycle.

For new file type inclusion, we have implemented a new plug-in architecture within ThumbsPlus that will allow us to more quickly code and release file type plug-ins without the necessity of a full product release. This architecture allows for third party custom plug-in development as well. In other words, don't have time for us to include your special .ABC file type support?... Grab the ThumbsPlus Plug-in API and do it yourself!

Click here for more information on how to write your own ThumbsPlus Plug-in.

Cerious Software Authored Plugins:

DigiCam RAW Plug-in.
Ghostscript Plug-in.
EC Software IPP Plug-in
Kodak DCR/DCS Plug-in

You can download these plug-ins here.