Release Notes 7 SP2


Upgrade Notes for Windows Vista and Windows 7

If your prior ThumbsPlus installation had a shared database or separate database for each user, everything should upgrade correctly. However, older versions of ThumbsPlus defaulted to use an installation in a folder in the Program Files area for the database and preferences. On Windows Vista, this area is write-protected for users, so ThumbsPlus cannot use this location unless run with Administrator privileges. The ThumbsPlus installer will detect if a prior installation was done there and warn you about it.

In this case, the recommended way to install is to:

1.Make a copy of your existing database if you wish to preserve information (thumbnails, keywords, user fields, galleries). If you have just upgraded from XP, the database will be located in the ThumbPlus folder in Program files. If you ran earlier versions of ThumbsPlus on Vista already, Vista may have copied your database to one of the following locations:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Thumbs7

Because of Vista's horrid and messy "File System Virtualization" for backward compatibility, this may be the case even if ThumbsPlus still shows the file as being in C:\Program Files\Thumbs7!

If you do not find your database in any of these locations, search your disks (including hidden and non-indexed locations) for Thumbs.td4. The largest or newest is probably the correct database.

If you have created databases with other names or in non-default locations, they will not be affected by the uninstall.

2.Use Control Panel - Programs and Features to remove the old ThumbsPlus installation.
3.Run the ThumbsPlus Setup program. In the final screen, note the location where ThumbsPlus will open the database
4.Copy the database you save in Step 1 to overwrite the empty database created by the installer in Step 3.

Another option is to install in a different location and organize your databases after installation.

Changes for Microsoft Vista and UAC compatibility

The installer, all executables and the shell extension DLLs are now signed for Vista and IE compatibility.

Shell extensions have been updated for Vista, Longhorn and 64-bit operating system compatibility.

Functions requiring administrative privilege have been moved to ThumbsPriv.exe and ThumbsPriv64.exe (for 32 and 64-bit versions of Vista). You will now receive a Vista UAC (User Access Control) prompt rather than an error message when labeling disks and installing or removing fonts.

ThumbsPlus now indicates on the menu bar (with a '+') and its icon (with a shield) when it is running with elevated privileges on Vista/Longhorn.

Added Vista privilege shield overlay for toolbar buttons and menu images for functions requiring elevation (volume labeling and font installation and removal).

Fixed Image - Remove Red Eye to work properly on Windows Vista with the Aero user interface.

Changed the Thumbs8.exe manifest to avoid file redirection on Vista.

Modified the installer to disallow full installation into the Program Files folder (as this is prohibited by Vista standards).

Fixed it so ThumbsPlus now properly handles internal errors and no longer asks whether to send them to Microsoft on Vista with UAC.

Other changes and fixes

Added two new options for loading JPEG files (Options - File Loading - JPEG):

Safe mode. Does not use processor-specific optimization code, which occasionally crashes on corrupt JPEG files.
Use floating math. Uses floating point (rather than integer) math.

Fixed reading and writing of bi-level (1 bit per pixel) PNG images.

On Vista, ThumbsPlus now copies the Thumbs.typ and Thumbs.flt files to user folders for modification.

Users who have tried previous versions of ThumbsPlus 7 get a new evaluation period.

Packaged the installer in a signed, manifested self-extractor.

Right-clicking the tabs on the Location bar now brings up Options - Preferences - Disks & Folders.

Additional location tree and tabs are available for My Music, My Videos, and several new shared folders on operating systems where they are supported.

Improved the appearance of, and fixed several registry and other problems relating to, shell extensions (Options - Preferences - General: Show ThumbsPlus context menu in Windows Explorer).

Modified the installer to recognize upgrades on Vista where all files were installed to the Program Files folder.

Fixed a problem where invalid network shares were sometimes recognized as valid folders.

Fixed an irritating problem with extra mouse-wheel scrolling with some mice on some operating systems.

Fixed problem where the secondary header in wizard dialog boxes was not changing to reflect the current tab on some operating systems.

Made the default installation type Shared database with separate settings.

Improved appearance of main ThumbsPlus icon on XP/Vista.

Text on the toolbar looks nicer now when anti-aliased fonts are enabled.

Increased maximum text for catalog and contact sheet header/footer to 4000 characters (from 400).

Program Updates now shows "ThumbsPlus" instead of "TP".

Fixed problem where View - Enable color management was never enabled.

Several tree performance improvements.

Fixed processor type display in System Info.

Fixed crash that occurred with malformed or extremely long EXIF User Comments.

Fixed a problem where ThumbsPlus was saving any 2-color images as grayscale JPEG even if the colors weren't gray.

Fixed several crashes possible with multiple low-level database errors occurring simultaneously.

Improved database error reporting.

Fixed several additional crashes and spurious memory warnings.

Additional minor bug fixes and aesthetic improvements.