Release Notes 8 SP1


In the build 3535...

Several of the significant changes have their own Help file entries:

Command Line Options
ThumbsPlus on the Start Menu
ThumbsBug: Reporting Problems
Python Scripting

There are hundreds of fixes and improvements; here are a few of the most important:

Significant improvements and enhancements to Python scripting.
Added several command line options for troubleshooting.
Added several Start menu items for database repair, safe mode, opening preferences and database locations.
Added Save button to Metadata (Properties) table.
Added several standard layouts for main window (Window - Layout)
Added functions for backup and restore of the database (including thumbnails in files).
Improved movie thumbnailing speed and overall movie handling.
Improved dialog positioning, especially when using multiple monitors.
Menus cannot be floated now. This was causing too much confusion.
Fixed crash when searching for files similar to an image.
Fixed MRU keyword menu list
Fixed problem restarting T+ after fixing compatibility mode flags.
Fixed quick process batch from both main and view windows
Fixed some versioning stuff (8.0 was using the 7.0 registry keys)
Fixed "Open in Access" (now appears on menu and works for all Access versions)
Fixed "thumbnails in files" problem (not getting database info correctly)
Fixed display of tag decoration
Fixed general preferences page so that it only runs admin commands when necessary.
Fixed invalid GIF file writing
Fixed problem with some keyboard accelerators not working.
Fixed problem with specific startup database (Options - Preferences - Startup)
Fixed remove wallpaper
Fixed some problems with database repair.
Fixed some registration code problems.
Fixed keyboard accelerators in slide show
Fixed for Sql Server updates.
Improvements to logging, including reporting first-chance exceptions
Made database indicators in status bar show more info and perform better.
Metadata editor functional, including saving and loading sets.
Sort folders and files names using StrCmpLogicalW to match Windows sorting
Upgrade to python 2.7.1
Additional metadata editor fixes
Allow ThumbsBug to run by itself (in addition to when T+ crashes).
Avoid crash on shutdown if memory heaps not initialized
Better icon handling
Changed handling of not being able to open the database after repair + compact
Eliminated problems with multiple threads handling movies simultaneously
Export and import rewritten in python
Fix crash when using Info pane directly to edit metadata
Fix problem where main window could become unresponsive if any panes were floated.
Fixed clipboard menu on main window
Fixed crash when cancelling (or failed connect) from Database - Connect
Fixed crash writing GIF comments
Fixed move to/copy to menus in main and view
Fixed saving schemes/sets
Fixed some other crashes in obscure cases in database connect, error reporting,
Fixed tag decoration update in view window
Fixed view window quick batch
Improved error reporting for database open/connect failures
Improved checks for movie, sound file types (improves performance)
Improved error reporting for unhandled exceptions (i.e., movie threads).
Included additional support files when submitting a problem with ThumbsBug
Optimized database activity indicator when running over remote desktop.