Thank You!


Many thanks to everyone involved in the development and testing of ThumbsPlus. Special recognition goes to:

Laura Shook, President, for her incredible devotion, unflagging support, and for being so wonderful to work with.

Chuck Crews, Brother and world wide web insider.

David Hanna, for excellent suggestions and great insight into what ThumbsPlus should become (and I hope it has!).

Tom Lane and the Independent JPEG Group, Many thanks for routines that are well-written, easy to understand, straightforward to implement, and were simple to integrate into ThumbsPlus.

Andy Anderson, for the wonderful Auto Color Balance algorithm.

Ray McVay and Mike Edgerton, of 'Go Graphics', for their continued support for ThumbsPlus. Other members who have also supported and encouraged us are: Curt Bradshaw, Matt Drury, Bruce Herzog, Rollie Jones, Richard Lindner, John Parker, Tom Potocki, Tom Price, Charlotte Smith, John Swenson, Howard Thue and Larry Wood.

Our overseas evaluation and retail distributors: Kenji Hino and Mr Nakamura at Village Center (Japan), Patrick Hochner at P&A Evaluation (Japan), Hans Fremuth and Uwe Zimmerman at Atlantic Software Exchange (Germany), Gerd Zottelein at PD Profi (Germany), Nick Thompson at The Thompson Partnership (UK), and Daniel van Rooijen at CopyCats (Netherlands, Belgium).

Other people who have greatly encouraged or influenced ThumbsPlus: Uwe Zimmerman, Joel Diamond, Ed Hoffman, Brian Priebe, Rich Pasco and Ralph Mariano.

Another thank you goes out to Max Schmitt for his continued help and support for Cerious Software since 1994.

All of the beta testers, without whom many more bugs would have made it into the released product.

But, the most thanks are due to YOU. Without your dollars and support, we couldn't continue this interesting adventure!