Main Window - Image | Contact Sheets - Options                    Ctrl+Shift+F9


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The Options tab provides several choices for the contents of the contact sheets.


Files to process


Selected files only. Select this option to include only currently selected files in the thumbnail view.


Current folder. Select this option to include files located in the currently selected folder in the folder tree.


Current tree. Select this option to include files in the currently selected folder and all of its sub-folders.


Entire database. Select this option to include all files that have been previously thumbnailed with ThumbsPlus.


Offline and orphan thumbnails. Select this option to include any offline and orphan thumbnails.



Select Items. Click this button to select which items to display beneath each thumbnail. See also: Selecting Items for more information.


Include blank items. Check this option to include space for selected items that are empty. This ensures that the item formatting is consistent accross thumbnails.


Center text under thumbnails. Check this option to center justify the selected items under each thumbnail.


New page for each folder. Check this option to start a new page for each folder or sub-folder encountered.


Print heading for each folder. Check this option to include a heading for each folder encountered. This heading will contain the volume and folder names.


Automatically crop images. Check this option to automatically crop images before making the thumbnails. This removes excess single-color borders from images. This option is enabled only when Rebuild thumbs at printer resolution is checked.


Rebuild thumbs at printer resolution. Check this option for high-resolution thumbnails, which take longer to generate (the disk files must be read and reduced to the proper size), but can be much higher quality. When this option is checked, Entire database and Offline and orphan thumbnails options under Files to process will be disabled.


Extra lines to reserve for printed selected items. Enter the desired number of extra lines to use when formatting selected item text. Items like annotations may have multiple lines and need extra space.