Main Window - Image | Contact Sheets - Output                    Ctrl+Shift+F9


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Scheme. After completing all contact sheet options, you may create a scheme by entering a scheme name in this field and clicking the Save button. This saved scheme will be available for subsequent contact sheet operations.


Output folder. Select the destination folder for the contact sheets. Use the [...] button to browse for the desired folder.


File name or prefix. When a single sheet is selected, this field is used as the complete file name. When multiple sheets are created, this field is used as the file prefix, and a sequence number (001, 002, etc.) is appended.


Output dimensions. Select a size (in pixels) for the contact sheets. Several standard choices are provided, or you may define a custom size.


Output file type. Select the output file format for the contact sheet files.


Make a single sheet. This option will cause ThumbsPlus to create a single contact sheet.


Overwrite existing file(s). If this option is selected and the file already exists, it is overwritten.