Thumbnail Views


Small            Large            Custom            List *            Report *


* These views require "Show For Files" to include "Thumbnail".



ThumbsPlus supports five customizable thumbnail views. In small, large, and custom views, the thumbnails are displayed much like the icon display for files in Windows Explorer. The following is an example of the large thumbnail view. The thumbnail view caption bar allows dynamically setting of the displayed thumbnail size percentage and thumbnail caption font. In addition to the actual thumbnail, ThumbsPlus can optionally display other indicators (decorations). These decorations indicate information regarding to file state, file contents, short cut links, etc. For more information see: Thumbnail decorations.



You can right-click on the thumbnail view caption bar, and the thumbnail view popup menu will be displayed. Through this menu, you can select which view to display and its orientation.


You can also specify how to sort, what to display for each file, and which file types to display.


Finally, you can select other thumbnail view related options, by clicking on this menu's Preferences option.


You may also configure the thumbnail views small, large, and custom to not display a thumbnail. When you do this the thumbnail display looks similar to Windows Explorer List View. One big difference between this "no Thumbnail" view and Windows Explorer is that when hovering over an image with a thumbnail, ThumbsPlus will display an image tip for the image. Image tips can be disabled by checking the Disable popup image tips on the Preferences tab.