Besides the logging and other options covered in the Command Line Options section, there are a number of other ways to troubleshoot difficult problems. There is a "Debug" menu that is somewhat hidden under the version number in the far-right reaches of the main menu. here.

The first 4 options cause T+ to crash in predictable ways, and are useful mostly to Cerious Software. However, Force Crash gives us a way to examine what ThumbsPlus id doing when it unresponsive. Obviously you won't be able to pick it from the menu, but pressing all 5 keys (Alt+Shift+Ctrl+F11+F12) together will almost always generate a crash that we can examine.

Memory Dump writes a text file with memory usage information. It hasn't been a lot of help, but remains just in case.

We use Visual File Dump to examine unrecognized or unusual files. It's not exactly ready for professional use, but it's very helpful for examining strange or broken files.